A powerful Set of Web Booster Tools

Website Fast Start Booster

A full package containing website, hosting & email marketing system.

Create a beautiful, responsive website to promote your training. Includes:

  • 3 designs for you to choose from.
  • Up to 20 pages.
  • Special landing pages for promotions.
  • Webforms linked to an email marketing system for automated responses.
  • Superfast hosting on Amazon’s AWS system.
  • Full access to your website administration after deployment.
  • 12 months email support.
  • Ensure your website is SEO ready and optimised for conversion in different devices.
  • Tweak elements to ensure it is fast loading.
  • Rewrite your existing copy and headings to appeal to Google and your target market.
  • Provide 2 one hour, one-on-one training sessions by Skype or Zoom.

Total $4,840 + ongoing hosting and email marketing system costs $110/month (inc. GST)

Extreme website SEO set-up


Run an SEO readiness and website conversion analysis then based on the findings:

  • Fix any elements that are affecting website load speed.
  • Rewrite copy and headings for 10 pages, to give you a better rank in chosen keywords.
  • Put appropriate tags on images and other web components.
  • Optimise your website to appear in local search results.
  • Set up or tweak your Google places account.
  • Set up or tweak your Google+, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Write three articles and add three syndicated articles to attract long-tail keyword searches.
  • Create a simple information video for your site to assist with SEO.
  • List your website in top directories recognised by Google.

Total $1,980  (inc. GST)

Intensive SEO Booster

(A 3 month campaign to follow on from the SEO tune up, designed to put you on the first page of Google results)

  • Create two original articles and source two syndicated articles each month.
  • Create a video each month.
  • Share the articles across social media platforms linking back to the website.
  • Continue to slowly, organically build quality links to your website.
  • Share content across social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.

Total $2,650 for 3 months campaign – equivalent to $850/month  (inc. GST)

Facebook leads booster

Set up a Facebook advertising campaign and run it for 3 months

  • Create or overhaul Facebook page to appeal to your target market.
  • Create a specific landing page on your website for your Facebook campaign.
  • Create five different Facebook ads including images and copy.
  • Create a Facebook marketing campaign with Facebook ads directed at your target market.
  • Set up remarketing campaign through Facebook and place code in your landing page.
  • Manage the marketing campaign for three months.

Total $2,650 for 3 months campaign – equivalent to $850/month  (inc. GST)

* Does not include Facebook per-click advertising costs, which will vary depending on the audience and product. Suggested budget $440/month to produce results.

Linkedin profile booster

Build up your Linkedin audience of people in your target market and engage them with compelling content

  • Create or overhaul Linkedin profile page.
  • Create or overhaul your Linkedin company page.
  • Connect with a minimum of ten contacts from your target market each day.
  • Write one thought provoking article each month to engage your audience and bring them to your website.
  • Engage and interact with your contacts regularly.
  • Sync Linkedin contacts with your email marketing system, so they are automatically added or supply you with all contacts and their details in a spreadsheet you can use with any CRM.
  • Filter comments and send you daily alerts on comments you need to respond to or inquiries.

Total $2,650 for 3 months campaign – equivalent to $850/month  (inc. GST)

Google Adwords Booster

(Set up your Google Adwords campaign and manage it for 3 months)

  • Set up a Google Adwords Campaign to drive more traffic to your website.
  • Research your target market and keywords to find the best converting combination.
  • Comprehensive testing on keywords and ads to ensure maximum ROI.
  • Create three landing pages on your website to convert leads from the campaign
  • Sync the contact forms to your email marketing system.
  • Embed Google tracking code into your website and sync with your Analytics account.
  • Provide monthly reports on activity.

Total $2,650 for 3 months campaign – equivalent to $850/month  (inc. GST)

  1. This is for a maximum of three courses or course groups: (ie. height safety, confined space, fire safety) – This is an intensive campaign on a small number of products to maximise the ad relevance and your return on investment.
  2. The price does not include advertising spend, which is additional and we will provide budget suggestions while setting up your campaign.  
  3. The cost is to focus is on getting  your advertising cost per inquiry as low as possible, so you will more than cover the cost of this campaign on advertising money you save.
  4. When we hand your campaign over at the end of the 3 months, it should continue to produce with a minimum of monitoring. Alternatively, we can continue managing it for you at a minimum rate. 

Email marketing setup & running

(Set up your email marketing system and run your email marketing campaigns for 12 months – Includes 12 months email marketing software subscription)

  • Set up an email marketing system for your company.
  • Import your contacts and/or students details into the system.
  • Sync contact forms on your website with the system & create notifications to key stakeholders.
  • Set up an automated email series for each contact form.
  • Embed tracking code into your website and set up notifications to your staff when students or clients revisit your website.
  • Write up to ten emails as follow-ups for the automations.
  • Create and send out a newsletter each month.
  • Send you monthly reports on activity.

Total $2,650 for 12 months campaign – equivalent to $220/month  (inc. GST)