How we can help even the most inhibited clients become mavens in their industry

Your client is an expert in their field, but their expertise is just not appreciated by their target market and too much business is going to far less experienced or competent competitors.

So naturally, you want them to get the message out, to become a maven in their industry. They can write a book, like hundreds of thousands of other self-publishing authors, but then, they rise to the level of “unknown expert with pile of books in their office”. Getting them to take any action remains difficult. They would be great if only they could get started.

We can give your client’s reputation a huge boost by helping them host an ‘on-demand’ webinar. An ‘on-demand’ webinar is a recorded webinar, which plays like a real one. When participants register, they are taken to a countdown page, which has the webinar starting within 30 minutes.

This has the following advantages :

  1. Your client does not have to present to a live audience. Their webinar is recorded as many times as necessary, then edited to allow them to appear at their best.
  2. People will generally not get around to viewing a recorded webinar – It’s just human nature – we put things that are not urgent off to “when we have some spare time” which inevitably never happens. A live webinar demands they either watch it or miss out.
  3. You don’t have to worry about following people up with reminders – the webinar follows their registration. We create a ‘teaser’ video to keep them entertained while they wait.

Here’s how we help

We create the whole webinar including landing and count-down pages and followup emails.

  1. After consultation with your client, we conduct some research into the needs of the market, the pain – and come up with some compelling statistics that will appeal to your target market.
  2. We then compile this information into a document, with bullet points that will be used for your presentation.
  3. After consultation with your client and necessary edits, we turn this document into a powerpoint presentation.
  4. We work with you and your client to develop a compelling offer to entice webinar participants to take further action.
  5. We then record your client presenting it through a presentation using Zoom.
  6. We script compelling opening, closing and teaser segments and record your client presenting them through Zoom. Here we do as many takes as is necessary to get a polished final product.
  7. We then edit the webinar and teaser videos, create registration pages and follow up emails and finally, with your client’s approval
  8. We take the webinar live. It can then be promoted in any marketing campaigns you are running – or we can help you with that.

This is a sure fire way of getting the message out for even the most reluctant or reserved client. Contact Us now to get things started.

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