Diversified Utility Billing software will run on a number of different platforms from your in-house LAN to the top_features. It’s designed to make integration as easy as possible.


This is where it all comes together

See each overdue task

See tasks scheduled for today

See completed tasks

Also manage non-billing tasks

And personal reminders

Even see the status of in-process work orders

Master Calendar

You detail tasks – who does what when – once
Master Calendar plans all future cycles
Provides daily snapshot of tasks due each day
Visible on Dashboard

Customer Service

TQuickly locate a customer by name, service address or account
See all customer information on one screen. This includes account and service addresses; contact information; current account status; as well as complete billing, payment, penalty, notice, consumption, service and meter history.
Edit customer information on the fly with a complete audit trail of changes.

Give Customers 24/7 Web Access

Reduce the workload in customer service by allowing customers to answer many of their questions online with a customer service web site.

Customers can do business when it is convenient for them rather than being restricted to your business hours.

Upload your billing data to a secure web server operated by Diversified Technology.

After customers authenticate with a User ID and Password, they can access current and historical billing and payment data.

Customers can also initiate ACH direct withdrawal payments or enter a work order request.


Create customized post card or letter bills that include mailing bar codes to reduce postal costs and internal bar codes to speed processing of mailed payments.
Or create and send email bills and virtually eliminate postage and handling costs.
All bills can include a standard or custom message to all customers. Or they can include a message targeted to a specific street or set of streets

Payment Processing

Diversified Utility Billing allows you to make fast work counter payments in cash or with a check.
Use bar-coded bill stubs and a check scanner to quickly process checks received in the mail.
Allow your customers to set up ACH direct debit payments.
Then batch process them to eliminate time-consuming individual postings.
Batch process bulk payments from banks and other third-party collectors.

Bank Check Processing

Electronically direct bank check payments to an intermediary for consolidation, quick deposit into your account, and an electronic transaction report.
Post those payments by simply importing that report into Diversified Billing and batch processing.
Get your money faster and save hours and hours of clerical time.

Accept Debit / Credit Card Payments

Allow customers to pay a bill with a debit or credicard.
Record online bill payments in Diversified Billing as a batch process with just few clicks.
All financial information is entered directly on your merchant bank’s site, so it is never visible to you, Diversified Technology, or prying eyes.
You can choose to absorb bank fees or pass them on to your customers as a surcharge.

Notices and Debt Collection

Follow an easy checklist process for generating late notices or shut-off notices in either door hanger or letter form.
A record of each notice is automatically posted to each customer’s account.
Keep track of liens filed against any property and calculate lien interest upon payment.


Scores of useful reports are pre-configured.
Customize them to meet your unique needs.
Generate reports for the current period or any historical period.
Print, email, create a PDF, or export to your word processor or spreadsheet.

Work Orders

Generate and track work orders from within Diversified Utility Billing.
Allow customers to submit work orders from your web site.
Send directly to field technician’s phone, tablet or laptop.
Post billable charges directly to customer’s account.

Accounting Interface

Diversified Billing can interface with just about any accounting system, so you can choose the system that best meets your needs
Buillt in interfaces include Quickbooks, Peachtree, AccountMate, Sage MIP, and Microsoft Great Plains.

Disaster Recovery

Designed for customers who choose the Diversified Billing LAN platform.
Backup module resides on your service and uploads your data to Diversified Utility Billing servers on a scheduled or on-demand basis.
You can restore your data to any internet connected PC or Server.
Our top_features platform and our Service Bureau round out your disaster recovery plan.

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