Super Virtual Assistants 

  • A Team of Experts instead of a single ‘Jack of all Trades’
  • You deal with one person who manages your team.
  • Flexible packages, pay for only the hours you use.
  • No minimum daily or monthly requirements.

Super Virtual Assistants 

  • A Team of Experts instead of a single ‘Jack of all Trades’
  • You deal with one person who manages your team.
  • Flexible packages, pay for only the hours you use.
  • No minimum daily or monthly requirements.

The traditional VA model

  • One person tries to manage a range of tasks.
  • Constant stress finding tasks to occupy your VA.
  • Disappointment when you check your VA’s work.
  • Pay monthly regardless of the work you have.

VAvita's Super VA model

  • A team of experts handle your tasks.
  • You deal with one person, who is a project manager.
  • Work performed to your satisfaction.
  • You pay only for the number of hours you require.

Only pay for the hours you use and excess hours are carried over every month


What Makes VAvita Special?

Australian Owned and Managed

We understand the needs of US and Australian small businesses and we ensure our staff do everything they can to meet those needs. 

Efficient project managers

Communication can be a problem when dealing with offshore VA’s. Your project manager will understand you clearly and communicate your needs to the team.   

Digital Marketing Experience

We understand digital marketing and can help you create cost effective strategies that will bring you the best ROI. 

Video Production Services

Video is becoming increasingly important for digital marketing strategies, yet most VA services are unable to provide it. VAvita have video experts on staff.

Expert Advice

We have experts in a number of fields who can give you advice to help prevent unnecessary tasks and save you money. 

No Minimum Monthly Requirement

Use your hours whenever you want. There is no monthly requirement and unused hours carry over to the following month.


Communicate with someone who understands you

Like having someone on staff

There is no need to change the way you work with your inhouse staff. You can communicate with your project manager by phone, skype, chat or email. You can have regular briefings, or contact them whenever you need to brief them on a task. Your project manager will then write up a brief for the team based on your conversation. They will then check your projects and hand them over to you once they have been completed to your satisfaction. 

How well do you know your market?

Understanding consumer behaviour can save you from wasting time and money on ineffective marketing methods. It’s worth keeping up-to-date with research, to find out what is working and what is not. Take this five minute quiz and test your marketing knowledge. 


Need help getting started?


Your online marketing strategies

What will be effective for your business? We can guide you through the online marketing jungle and help you focus on the most effective strategies for your busines


Assistance with selling your knowledge online

Want to monitize your website and start selling knowledge online? We’ll show you the different options and help you get started delivering online courses for cash!


Building you as an expert

Are you looking to become a recognised expert in your field? We can help you with advice on creating webinars, speaking on camera and much more. Give your target market a good reason to deal with you by becomming an expert in your field.


Innovative marketing tools

The Quiz you see on this page is an example of a marketing tool that can be used in social media or on your website to generate interest in your products or services. Talk to us now about creating some innovative marketing tools for your company.

About US

Our Story

VAvita was founded by Australians who had become frustrated with traditional virtual assistants, felt let down by the quality of the work and did not like the stress of having to continually find tasks for someone who was on the payroll. We teamed up with experienced outsource managers in the Philippines and put together a team of experts who work in their field all day, every day. The result is people work faster and are more effective, so our clients end up paying much less for each task.  


What Our Clients Say

After years of being pushed into expensive social media programs that netted absolutely no ROI, this is a breath of fresh air. We’re connected with people in our target market and they are responding positively Highly recommended!

Jim Prout

Zokal Safety Australia

I’m very impressed with their approach – it’s much smarter than anything else I’ve seen out there. These people really know online marketing and they go out of their way to help.

Ian Davies

Dynamic Teaching Tools

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If you want to experience pure frustration, try making simple changes to a custom Wordpress theme somebody has developed for you.A variety of reasons are given by developers for creating custom themes: it will improve your load speed, it will make your site different...

7 Facebook Advertising Tips for 2020

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Frequently Asked

Is there a minimum monthly amount I need to spend?

There is no minimum monthly amount to spend, you simply buy a block of hours and use them when you have a need for our services. The hours carry over each month, they do not expire.

Can I get an estimate before my work is done?

Absolutely. Speak to your project manager and they will arrange for an estimate on the number of hours needed to finalise the task. 

How fast is work performed?

That depends on the complexity of the tasks you want done. For normal tasks, we like to have them finished for you within 24 hours.

Is there an additional charge for rush jobs?

There is no additional charge. If you have a problem, like a website down, or an urgent document or powerpoint presentation for a meeting, we will do everything in our power to assist you.

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